Show: The Jamie Foxx Show
Year: 2000
Cameo role: A guest at the King's Tower hotel

This cameo exists in the same joke-universe as Muggsy Bogues’s role in Curb Your Enthusiasm, except it has way more women in it and, as a result, way more dick jokes. Then-Timberwolves player Kevin Garnett plays himself and the owner of a size 22 shoe that Jamie Foxx finds in the episode. The ladies (particularly Sherri Shepherd, who plays Sheila) go crazy over the, well, potential that shoe that size could represent. Karen Maruyama, who plays Gloria the maid, gets the best line: after measuring the length of Garnett’s forearm, she exclaims: “Oh, my gynecologist!” Garnett himself doesn’t do much except, well, be tall.