Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes has been accused of abusing his six-year-old son, which he denied in a series of since-deleted tweets.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the accusations were leveled against Holmes amid a custody battle with his ex-wife, Allexis Holmes. In court documents, she alleged he took out “his frustration” on their son during a visit on Feb. 6, causing him to bleed from his head. The couple divorced in September 2019, and Allexis has filed a restraining order against him on behalf of their child.

"I never respond to allegations but when it comes to my son I gotta speak,” Holmes wrote in the since-deleted tweets. “You have to be goofy as hell to believe that about me … my heart BEATS for my son I live this very life to see him happy and could never raise a hand to harm him EVER. My son adores me and I adore him … the relationship we share is the greatest bond I have ever experience … to hear my name tarnished at his expense is where I draw the line!" 

He also wrote that he could “never” harm his child, who he called, “the best thing that has ever happened. In an Instagram Story that followed, Holmes shared a photo of him with his son and added, “They could never tear us apart no matter what they try.”

His response comes after the Kings announced that Holmes will be absent for the rest of the season, citing “personal reasons.” The last time he played with the team was on March 16, but he’s signed with the team through 2025. On Wednesday, the team released a statement, as shared by journalist Jason Anderson below.

“The entire Sacramento Kings organization would like to express our strong stance against any form of assault and domestic violence,” the statement reads. “We respect the legal process and will continue to monitor the situation closely.” 

Holmes’ mother, Lydecia Holmes, also shared a series of tweets in response to the allegations. “Those of u who believe this crap about my son, God help you!” she wrote. “The truth will come out! My son loves his son. This is an attempt to discredit him to keep him from getting custody. This really have me boiling! Don’t mess with or lie on my son! Now you have to deal with me, You liar!”

Kings interim coach Alvin Gentry said the team is “aware” of the allegations, but added that he didn’t know the full details yet. “I have not read the article, so I can’t respond to it. I have not read anything about it, but I do know that we take all these accusations seriously and this organization stands against any kind of violence,” said Gentry. “That’s about the extent of what I can say about it because I haven’t read anything, so I’ll leave it at that."