With a 166-106 postseason record, Pop has the third-most postseason wins of any coach in NBA history, trailing only the legends Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. The only other active coach in the top 10 is L.A.’s Doc Rivers, who has gone 82-79. Pop’s winning percentage (.610) is actually better than that of Riley (.606).

I spent Final Four weekend in San Antonio, and people down there are buzzing about Pop’s Coach of the Year candidacy. The 69-year-old won’t win the award this year—he’s won it three times before—as Stevens, Casey, and Snyder are the leading candidates. The job he’s done coaching his team this year, however, is certainly deserving of applause. He’s led the Kawhi-less Spurs to a solid seed in a hyper-competitive Western Conference truly impressive. Pop has missed only one postseason in his 22 years at the helm of San Antonio, and he’s won five rings. He is the best coach in the playoffs, in our book.