In sports, a perfect record is an inevitable yet ultimately futile pursuit. Every athlete plays to win, but the reality of competition is that you can only control how well you prepare. Everything else, particularly the proposition of a loss, is negotiated between you and your opponent. As a four-time Grand Slam singles champion and former No. 1 ranked women’s tennis player in the world, Naomi Osaka understands this all too well. 

As she readies herself to compete at the 2021 Olympics in her home country of Japan, Osaka is locked in. After her previous 23-match win streak came to an end at the Miami Open earlier this year, the dominant performer bounced back with a straight sets victory at the 2021 French Open, before ultimately withdrawing from the tournament and revealing the toll that press conferences have taken on her mental health. Yet, in discussing her pre-tournament rituals with Complex—from the foods she eats to the sunscreen she wears—it’s clear that wins and losses don’t have much effect on the way Osaka trains. Including her newfound commitment to mindfulness as well as her recent investment in Hyperice, a company that specializes in warm-up and recovery technology, the 23-year-old has perfected the art of preparation despite having outgrown her tendency to be overly self-critical.

“I used to be so critical of myself during matches, to the point where it perpetuated my mistakes and sometimes cost me matches,” Osaka confesses. “As I’ve matured in the sport, I’ve learned to control my emotions on the court, which helps me quiet my mind and gain composure. I’ve really focused on the mental part of my game over the past year. I’ve learned it’s just as important as my physical training.”