Marshawn Lynch has always been known to be a man of many sides. He’s one of the most ferocious and intimidating players the NFL has ever seen, but also a genuinely kind and caring human being off the field, with several stories coming out over the course of his career about how he would show love to fans and supporters.

One of these stories was recently shared by former Seahawks RB Coach Sherman Smith, who retold the tale of when Lynch gave a fan and his daughter a surprise tour of the entire Seahawks training facility. 

In an excerpt from an interview that couldn't make the larger story that The Athletic published chronicling how Lynch’s 2010 trade to the Seahawks came together, Sherman recalled how the father and daughter missed being able to watch the Seahawks practice after driving all the way from Fresno, California, so Sherman let them stay in the VIP tent and meet the players.

They were then brought into the players lounge when Lynch entered the room. The daughter began crying upon seeing Lynch, who ten told them that he was going to take them on a “personal tour” of the building, have lunch, and discuss “what’s happening in California. 

Lynch did that kind of thing “all the time,” Sherman said. “That girl will never forget that. Ever,” he added.