When it was reported that LeBron James would be participating in Friday’s game, fans rejoiced – still, the Los Angeles Lakers succumbed to the Boston Celtics 130-108.

During a press conference after the game, James was asked about Celtics player Enes Kanter – of whom he replied, “If you know me, I don’t give too many people my energy, and he’s definitely not someone I will give my energy to.” 

Injuries kept James absent from half of the Lakers’ games this season. The team hasn’t done well in his absence. But his comments about Kanter comes after the Celtics player used James’ likeness in a sneaker and now viral tweet. 

On Thursday, Kanter, who plays center for the Celtics, took to Twitter to express his frustration with the Laker for not standing against Nike for their alleged use of slave labor in China. 

In the pictures which accompanied Kanter’s tweet, James can be seen being crowned by China’s Xi Jinping – with other sneakers featuring graphics that read: “I Am Informed and Educated on the Situation” and “Hey, Still Researching and Getting Educated?”

During Friday’s press conference, James said that he was in the hallway, alone with Kanter – and the Celtics center didn’t say a word. The Laker accused Kanter of using his name to gain notoriety. Watch the press conference below: 


Kanter has been vocal about several political issues in China, especially their treatment of Uyghurs, Tibet and Taiwan – he also called for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, taking place in Beijing.