The latest chapter in the ongoing contract drama between Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets unfolded on Wednesday, with NBA insider Ric Bucher sharing details on the point guard’s alleged contract demands.

In the latest episode of his On The Ball podcast, Bucher reported that contract negotiations between both sides have stalled after Kyrie requested that his new deal guarantees he doesn’t have to play more than 60 games in a season.

“[Nets governor] Joe Tsai has already shown he’s willing to play hardball with Kyrie by taking a max extension off the table almost immediately,” Bucher said. “Now, part of that may be Kyrie’s doing. I’m told he wanted his new contract to guarantee he wouldn’t have to play more than 60 games in a season and would not have to play any back-to-backs, which he apparently referred to as inhumane.”

Hours after the rumor began circulating on social media, Irving took to Twitter to respond directly to Bucher’s report, posting a GIF of former Kansas City Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain tipping his hat to the crowd. In other words, Kyrie called “cap” on Bucher’s story.

A few minutes later, Kyrie posted a tweet in which he blamed the media for controlling society’s “subconscious thoughts and emotions.”

“When you’re ready to Break free from the media’s control over your subconscious thoughts and emotions, meet me on One of my platforms and let’s chop it up,” he wrote. “We the A11Even tribe love our conversations about the TRUTH and what is truly happening. Welcome to the PARADIGM SHIFT.”

Listen to Ric Bucher discuss Kyrie’s contract negotiations in full below.