Kendrick Perkins has responded to Warriors forward Draymond Green after he ripped into him for admitting he once prayed for LeBron James to get an injury.

In a post shared to Twitter, Perkins directly addressed Green’s recent criticism that also saw him call the former NBA star a “c**n,” and question why he would ever admit to wishing for such a thing. “Take that to the grave, my man,” Green said in a new episode of his podcast.

In a two-minute clip posted to Twitter, Perkins has made his issue with Green’s comments clear. “Forget the old media and new media. I’m on the OLD LAW! Carry the hell on,” Perkins wrote alongside the clip in reference to Green’s podcast.

“Ay Draymond, you good?” he asked at the start of the clip. “The fuck wrong with you? Didn’t you just win your fourth championship? What the fuck you worried about me for, what you mad? You mad because I’m doing it my way and it’s happening to work? I’m doing it my way, I don’t gotta do it your way! … The old law says, ‘Ay man all that disrespect and all that hoe shit, calling somebody a c**n, man you got me fucked up. Ain’t nothing a c**n about me.”

Perkins also addressed Green’s reputation in the NBA for running his mouth. “We all know, dawg, you all bark and no bite!” he said. “The NBA brothers know this, a lot of them that’s talking about you behind your back with the whispers they know this. They know you not gon’ do nothing! This is proven, this is facts! We know that. So stop with all the tough talk. You could talk about me as an ESPN analyst, you could talk about my takes, you could talk about everything you wanna do. I don’t give a fuck about that. But what you not gonna do is disrespect me and call me no motherfucking c**n. And I’ma stand on that.”

Wrapping up the clip, Perkins continued to accuse Green of being all bark and no bite, and reiterated that he does not want to be disrespected in such a way. “We know you ain’t gonna pour milk on cereal,” he continued. “We keep it entertainment, we can keep it ESPN, whatever you wanna do. But we ain’t doing  that c**n shit, homeboy. Real talk.”

At the 13:45 point of his recent podcast episode, Green questioned why Perkins ever admitted to praying for a 'Bron injury. “You actually thought that was OK to admit? Come on, cuz," he said. "Why do you feel that way? That's a problem. But even if you feel that way, take that to the grave, my man.”

On The Old Man & the Three podcast earlier this month, Perkins said that he was “scared as hell” going into Game 7 of the 2008 Eastern Conference semifinals when LeBron was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. "This was the only time that I actually prayed that something happened to him at practice," he said, noting that he was really that scared of LeBron at the time. "This is real! That’s how terrified I was of LeBron.”

This is far from the first time Green and Perkins have clashed. Just last month, Green called him a “big ogre,” and in 2021, Perkins said Green would be his choice for a celebrity boxing match.