Jaylen Brown clarified a tweet in which he appeared to support the Black Hebrew Israelites that gathered outside the Barclays Center ahead of Kyrie Irving’s return to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday. 

“I was not aware of what specific group that was outside of Barclay’s Center tonight,” the Celtics star tweeted. “I was celebrating the unification of our people welcoming the return of Kyrie to the court, first glance I thought it was a known fraternity the (C/Que’s) Omega psi phi (step’n) showing support.”

Originally, Brown had tweeted the word “energy” in response to a video of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Irving was returning to the Nets after being suspended for promoting an anti-Semitic film on social media and refusing to apologize. 

“To All of you that are standing next to me on this Journey I want to say thank you, I love you, and I honor your fearlessness and bravery,” Irving tweeted ahead of his return. “You motivate me more than you know. Now, Let’s build and celebrate one another.”