Antonio Brown, who was recently named head of Kanye West’s Donda Sports, said he and Ye are “extremely serious” about buying the Denver Broncos.

TMZ asked Brown about the current situation regarding potential Broncos ownership, as he previously expressed interest in a tweet last month.

“Tell Roger [Goodell] call me, we working on it,” he said, leading the paparazzo to ask if he and Ye are serious about the venture. “We are extremely serious about it. We working towards it to get it done.”

If the two were to buy the team, they would need to put down an estimated $4 billion, according to TMZ.

During the same brief clip, AB made it clear that music is his focus right now and he hopes to get a Grammy in the future.

After joining Kanye’s Donda Sports, Brown hinted that conversations about the Broncos between him and Kanye had gone down. “Donda Sports want to buy the @Broncos who with me,” Brown tweeted.

Antonio’s comments arrived just ahead of reports that the Seattle Seahawks would be trading star quarterback Russell Wilson to the Broncos. Wilson notably asked the Seahawks throughout both 2020 and ’21 to sign Brown to the team. AB is a free agent following his dramatic exit while his Buccaneers played the New York Jets. 

The troubled player and rapper has been hanging out with Kanye a good amount since then, and indicated they’ve hit the studio. Last month, the two also joined Floyd Mayweather for karaoke during his birthday celebration in Miami, Florida.