A Stolen 1979 Corvette has been Found After 33 Years

A 1979 Corvette, stolen in July 1981, has just been recovered in Mississippi, 33 years after it was stolen.

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The last time George Talley saw his beloved 1979 Corvette, he had parked it on the side of Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, back in July 1981. The sports car was stolen and Talley heard nothing about its whereabouts for years.

But last week – 33 years later – Talley got the phone call he’d been waiting for. 

“I was sitting at home last Friday looking at Judge Mathis, and I get a call from AAA telling me ‘You have a Corvette in Mississippi, come and get it.’”

The recovered ‘Vette allegedly has only 47,000 miles on the clock, still runs, and looks to be in decent shape. And better yet, General Motors – Talley’s previous employer – has agreed to front the shipping bill.

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