50 Acres of Mopar Go Up For Auction in Oregon Desert (Photos)

An auction company will be selling over 50 acres of unrestored Mopar classic cars in Oregon.

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If your image of heaven is an endless desert filled with hundreds of classic cars, then book your flight, because Brothers, Oregon is where you’ll want to be. Charles Kee, a renowned auto collector, passed away last December at the age of 84, and his entire collection of cars is scheduled to be auctioned off next month. The cars dot the landscape across a staggering 50 acres of desert.

Don’t come looking for old RX-7s or Corvettes though, Kee was strictly a Mopar man. His collection consists of various two-door GT cars and four-door sedans from between 1940 and the late 1970s. Just going off pictures alone, we can spot a few highly desirable models – ’65 Plymouth Barracuda, ’64 Dodge Dart GT, and ’68 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible.

Between fully intact vehicles and parts cars, the auction is said to include 1,200 lots. If you’re lucky, one of these unrestored gems could have your name on it.

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