Fisker Roaring Back to Life Thanks to the Chinese, V8's and Bob Lutz

It's a perfect social commentary.

Image via VL Automotive

The Fisker Karma has been a curiosity since its inception. That's partially why the company collapsed in 2012, along with, you know, poor financing, lawsuits, and making a car that didn't really do what it was supposed to do. Regardless, Fisker is coming back thanks to an unlikely partnership and a new swan song under the hood.

On Friday, the Wanxiang Group of China was officially granted approval to acquire Fisker’s assets for $149.2 million, which is great news for those too niche for a Tesla Model S.  But now it’s been revealed that Wanxiang will team up with Bob Lutz’s VL Automotive to market an official V8-powered Fisker.

Lutz previously marketed the 200-mph VL Destino, which features the V8 powertrain from a Corvette ZR-1, as a conversion for existing Fisker Karma's. Now, Wanxiang plans for VL to develop this grand-tourer as an official Fisker Destino at its Auburn Hills, Michigan plant, while Karma production resumes at Fisker’s plant in Finland. Wanxiang previously acquired Fisker’s battery supplier, A123 Systems, and seeks to build on current patents, design, and technology that will aid in the company’s hybrid development for the future.

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