WNBA and Twitter Link Up for Hoodie Calling Attention to Social Justice Causes

The special WNBA collab hoodie features a hidden QR code that directs wearers to a pre-written tweet showing support for various social justice causes.


Image via WNBA x Twitter


With its 25th season currently in progress, the WNBA has teamed up with Twitter for a special hoodie project that’s designed to bring attention to players’ individual social justice causes.

The hoodie was co-created with the Twitter team and is billed as being “not just a hoodie.” Each hoodie features a hidden QR code that—when scanned—provides the WNBA community a “direct line for sparking conversation” about both the game and the causes players and influencers stand for.

Starting last week, the hoodie was put into motion and will be seen “whenever” there’s a WNBA Twitter Live game “or a cause to speak on.”

As for the hidden code, perAdweek, it’s actually the #W on the front of the hoodie. Scanning the code takes a user to a pre-crafted tweet that can be shared. While the pre-written tweet’s contents will change periodically during the season, the initial tweet read:

“With this tweet, I’m standing with the WNBA and the entire W community to elevate women in sports and shine a light on the social justice causes they’re fighting for. Retweet or tweet using #WNBATwitter, and watch on WNBA Twitter Live. #CountIt.”

Earlier this month, Chiney Ogwumike—a Los Angeles Sparks forward and ESPN personality—spoke with Complex about her new 144 documentary. The ESPN doc focuses on the pandemic-complicated 2020 WNBA season, with Ogwumike—who served as executive producer on the film—telling Complex she’s hoping to release some cutting room floor footage soon.

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