Ratchet: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Uses A/C Window Unit To Cool SUV

Because this is so much better than an idling car.

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In New York City, the air conditioning window unit is a savior in many people's eyes. It transforms those steamy little closet-sized rooms into glorious ice box oases. And although it is a window unit, it was designed exclusively to fit in home windows. Not car windows, not plane windows, not Microsoft Windows 7, windows in a building. That doesn't really matter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, though.

In the summer his black Chevy Suburban gets piping hot, and because the public was on him about wasting emissions idling his car with the air conditioning on, he figured out a different way to cool down his ride. His security team rigged a window unit on a wheeling stand to fit snugly in his car window, keeping his environment nice and brisk for when he returns from his meetings inside. C'mon, son. You really think stringing tens of feet of extension cords is better for the environment? You're supposed to be leading by example, not setting a bad one. 

[via NY Post]

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