Ludacris Hints There Will Be "Fast and Furious 8"

But he didn't want to "let the cat out of the bag."

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We already posted one nuggest of info from the BreakfastClub interview with Ludacris earlier, alerting you that he still drives a '93 Acura Legend with 244,000 miles, but we have another bit of information that relates to the acting side of Luda. Toward the end of the interview, he was asked, "Will there be a Fast and Furious 7?"  He responded with "there will be a Fast and Furious 7, and I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, it might be even more than that." 

Basically meaning that, considering Fast and Furious 6 hit $500 million at the worldwide box office quicker than any other movie in Universal's history, there will definitely be an eighth Fast and Furious and possibly a ninth. Luda points out that the series took on a refreshed path with the fifth installment, and can only continue to grow. Fast and Furious 7, which Ludacris says will start filming later this year already has a July 11, 2014 release date. 

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