Lil' Twist Reportedly Crashed Justin Bieber's $100,000 Chrome Fisker Karma

This is his second crash in a Bieber vehicle.

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Lil' Twist is an exact example of why I never, ever, ever let anybody drive my cars. Not even a girlfriend of three years. Wasn't happenin'. Justin Bieber clearly feels the exact opposite about his whips, as news has broken that Twist damaged another one of Bieber's rides, this time the chromed Fisker Karma, which retails at $100,000 base.

Apparently, Twist rolled into a liquor store parking lot and hit two concrete posts. He then picked up the pieces of the damaged front end, put them into a BMW that pulled up, everybody got in the car, and they all left. Good job, homie. Fleeing the scene is always a good look. 

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