LeBron's Cars Have Left the Building: Transport Trucks Reportedly Spotted Outside James' Home

LeBron James cars are leaving Miami

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The drama continues (no TNT). As NBA free agency talks continue to heat up (sorry), LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony remain the talk of the Twitter town. The most recent "sources" have hinted that 'Bron 'Bron is most likely to head back home to Cleveland, coinciding with the Cavs making more cap space with a recent trade and rumored interest in Ray Allen and Mike Miller, both of which were on the Heat with James. That could be complete rubbish, and James might up resigning with Miami during his meeting with Pat Riley today. 

However, this interesting photo popped up on (where else?) Twitter today, courtesy of Jorge Sedano (via his neighbor). 

Two Exotic Auto Transport Trucks outside of LeBron's home have just left after loading cars. pic.twitter.com/V6fmN8L6kW

That's right, those are exotic automobile transport trucks outside of James' house. With James' cars inside of them. The assumption everybody is making is that he's moving them because he's leaving Miami and making a triumphant return and Cleveland is going to transform into Happytown.

However, like anything else in this flood of free agency nonsense, this could be something that means nothing at all. Maybe he just doesn't want his precious wheels in danger of hurricanes? That would make absolute sense, as well. Either way, it's there, so take it how you want. Keep it locked right here for any more updates. 

UPDATE: Twitter has some words about the photo's legitimacy/meaning: 

@ComplexRides @SedanoESPN they're going to Akron, OH to be updated by his long-time friend-9 cars in total. Lebron goes home every summer
@ComplexRides @porschhaaafan87 @SedanoESPN ... well he and his family go back to Ohio every single year, so why is this a story?
@ComplexRides that doesn't look like the outside of James crib tbh...

To the people saying that he's just moving home like he always does: This could absolutely, positively be true, and we are inclined to agree that's what's happening here. He's always had a home in Akron, still does, and is likely just going through the same motions he does every summer. 

To the people who say it's not his house: That's a street that those trucks are in, and the photo is taken from a car on that street. Apparently this photo is the trucks in motion leaving the house, so it could already be down the street from his house. Or it could be his house and nobody knew that his house actually sucks. 

Point being: Nobody really knows. We took the image from an ESPN Miami radio host, who seems like a decent source and are just relaying the image to you all. 

UPDATE No. 2: We called the moving company. They said they didn't know anything about it. That was all they would tell us. 

[via Jorge Sedano]

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