Floyd Mayweather Used His $14,815-Per-Second Fight Earnings To Buy His THIRD Bugatti Veyron

Will Money Mayweather ever stop? What's the point?

Image via @FusionLuxuryMotors

This is just getting SILLY. Remember after the Maidana fight how Boxing Fanatik broke down exactly how much Floyd Mayweather bankrolled for every second, every minute, every round he was in the ring? (If you need a reminder, it was $2,666,667 per round, $32,000,000 for 36 minutes). So what does somebody who has everything do with that much money? BUY MORE OF EVERYTHING HE HAS, DUH.

All the luxury and supercars he owns are spearheaded by what was once the fastest production supercar in the world, the Bugatti Veyron. Before the fight, he had TWO of those. So, to celebrate his victory, he bought another one just for the hell of it, a one-of-one Limited Edition Grand Sport Vitesse that he says cost him $3,000,000. Basically, he bought it with a little more than one round's worth of ring time. Gives "this round's on you" a whole new meaning, huh? 

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