Protect Yourself From Local Police With This Bulletproof BMW X5

Need mobile protection? BMW has a new bulletproof SUV.

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Are you in a constant line of fire? Are you a prominent figure? Are you worth a lot of money and have a lot of enemies? Maybe you're just a local citizen who is getting a little nervous about militarized police and school police with AR-15s. Well, it might be time to consider a switch to an SUV that the would make The President's The Beast limo proud. 

At the Moscow Auto Show, BMW announced the X5 Security Plus, an armored four-seater that the Germans tout can withstand shots from an AK-47 assault rifle. The windows have an additional polycarbonate coating, the joints around the doors have been steel reinforced, and the additional molded parts strengthen the body. It also has strengthened fuel tanks and radiators, Kevlar flooring, and run-flat tires. Because of the higher weight, the car needed a little more power, so BMW beefed up the engine bay with a 450hp V8.

So what's this going to cost you? That price tag will likely hover around $200,000. 

[via BMW]

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