Caitlin Clark Speaks on Angel Reese Criticism and Jill Biden Wanting to Invite Both LSU and Iowa to White House

Caitlin Clark discussed Jill Biden wanting to welcome both LSU and Iowa to the White House, as well as the backlash Angel Reese faced following LSU's win.

Photograph of Caitlin Clark playing for Iowa

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Photograph of Caitlin Clark playing for Iowa

LSU star forward Angel Reese laughed at First Lady Jill Biden’s suggestion that both the Tigers and the Iowa Hawkeyes visit the White House following LSU’s NCAA win.

Now, Hawkeyes superstar Caitlin Clark has shared her thoughts on the matter.

“I don’t think runner-ups usually go to the White House,” the 21-year-old guard told SportsCenter on Tuesday. “I think LSU should enjoy that moment for them and congratulations, obviously. They deserve to go there. Maybe I could go to the White House on different terms though. I think that’s for LSU, so that’s a pretty cool moment and they should enjoy every single second of being a champion.”

Caitlin Clark shares on OTL that she doesn't want to go to the White House despite Jill Biden's stated interest in hosting her and the Iowa team. "I don't think runner-ups usually go to the White House. I think LSU should you know enjoy that moment for them"

Clark also spoke on Reese being slammed for taunting her at the NCAA women’s basketball national championship game.

“I don’t think Angel should be criticized at all,” Caitlin said. “No matter which way it goes, she should never be criticized for what she did.”

"I don't think Angel should be criticized at all." Caitlin Clark said she thought Angel Reese received too much backlash for her celebrations during the championship game. (via @OTLonESPN)

Clark continued, “I think everybody knew there was gonna be a little trash talk the entire tournament—it’s not just me and Angel. I don’t think she should be criticized. … LSU deserves it; they played so well.” She added that she’s “a big fan” of Angel Reese.

The media and fans were up in arms after Reese was seen making a “you can’t see me” gesture toward Clark and pointing at her ring finger near the end of the final game. The Hawkeyes lost to the Tigers 102-85 on Sunday in Dallas.

Following LSU’s win, Jill Biden invited both teams to the White House, though it’s customary for only the winning team to visit. Reese responded to Biden’s invitation on Twitter, writing, “A JOKE” along with three laughing emojis.

Though Clark’s team lost the tournament, she won the John R. Wooden Award, which she also took home last year.

Though Reese didn’t remark on Clark’s defense of her, she did retweet the following—as well as a fan account quote-tweeting the same post and writing “The End.”

Caitlin Clark shows support to Angel Reese 🙌 (via @OTLonESPN)

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