Jean-Claude Van Damme's Split Between Two Moving Semis Is the Most Badass He's Been in Years (Video)

We're more impressed with his balance and flexibility, but the Volvo steering is cool too.

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Normal people aren't flexible enough to do a split. Normal people have trouble keeping their balance in a difficult situation with their eyes closed. Normal people don't stand on two moving tractor-trailers at once. Jean-Claude Van Damme is clearly not a normal person, because he just did all of these thing at the same time. It may be easy to make jokes at his expense, but how many people, let alone how many 53-year-olds, can do this? Our hats are off to you, Mr. aging action movie star who seems to be trying to claw his way back into the spotlight.

Yes, this also demonstrates the steering stability of the Volvo Trucks, but we're way more impressed with Van Damme.

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