How a High School Benchwarmer Scored an NBA Contract

Speedy links up with NBA legend Stephon Marbury, and goes to the NBA Draft to watch his dreams come true.

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It's every young athlete's dream to one day play in the pros of their respective sport. I myself was even convinced I would one day be an NBA player. Unfortunately, I quickly realized my 5'10" frame probably wasn't going to cut it in a league filled with LeBrons.

But two months ago, as I was on the verge of graduating college, I said "screw it" and decided I'd try my luck at making the league before getting a "real" job. So what did I do? I entered my name into the 2016 NBA Draft. (Which was super easy, by the way.)

This series chronicles my journey to my NBA dream: I go through the trials and tribulations of being a professional prospect, I get advice from the NBA's best, and I even suit up against some pros. In Episode 6, I get some last minute advice from NBA legend Stephon Marbury, and head out to the NBA Draft to make my dreams come true. Check out the video above. 

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