Kyrie Irving Wins the Water Bottle Challenge During Knicks Game

The Cavs tried mightily to succeed at the water bottle challenge during Wednesday night's game at MSG.

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If you were anywhere near the internet this past spring, you undoubtedly remember the North Carolina teen who heroically flipped a water bottle in the air and had it land upright while in front of his whole school. The so-called "water bottle challenge" became a short-lived national sensation, but was soon forgotten by a country that moved on to more important things, like standing really still and hitting people with backpacks. But at least one dedicated group of folks still lives and dies by the water bottle challenge: the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers.


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In Wednesday night's game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, the Cavs spent what appeared to be a good chunk of their time on the sidelines attempting to master the challenge. Sometimes, things went awry and the bottle ended up on the court:

In the end, Kyrie Irving was the one who made the successful toss:

Irving said after the game that the throw made him a "legend."

Some fans were overjoyed, if a little puzzled, at the experience.

Others, however, found the whole thing disrespectful to the home team.

Now that the Cavs have proven themselves winners at both this and the mannequin challenge, we can only wait and see what crazy thing they'll get into next. Anyone seen the team's backpacks?

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