Think about it. When was the last time a water bottle ever looked so damn cool? Maybe that time Kanye West tweeted poetically of the responsibilities associated with carrying a water bottle on a flight? Perhaps. At any rate, water bottles are about to have one hell of a week thanks to this guy:

HOLYYYYYY SHIT. Did you see that? That's Mike Senatore, who BuzzFeed reports is a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in North Carolina, debuting a mind-destroying water bottle trick that's simply so damn good, you pretty much have to watch it two, maybe even three millions of times:

You're goddamn right that's a god dream. Sadly, as humans are often creatures hell-bent on imitation, some people have already started trying to emulate Senatore's trick and are (to the delight of everyone else) failing miserably:

Though we are by no means water bottle trick experts, the key to Senatore's feat of physics owes much to the high school senior's delivery. That slow, pacing approach to the table? Amazing. Once he finally tosses the bottle, only to have it land upright and thus inspire a wave of cheers, the build-up has primed the audience for the perfect release. Ingenious.

Viral fame comes at you fast, which is why the now blossoming Twitter campaign to get Senatore all the way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show has already kicked off in earnest:

Enjoy the inevitable lifetime supply of water bottles.