This Gator-Wrapped Fixed Gear Bike Is $20,000

Pimpin' ain't easy.

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How does one build a $20,000 (well, $19,711 at current exchange rate) fixed gear bicycle? Let us count the ways. First, begin with a custom aluminum frameset. Proceed to collect componentry from premier brands like Paul (cranks and brake lever), Selle San Marco (saddle), Thomson (stem), and Cinelli (handlebars). Then spend roughly 90 hours wrapping the frame, fork, handlebar and saddle with crocodile skin.

Apparently four "eight to 10 year old" crocodiles were very much harmed in the making of this bicycle, which also includes "bespoke crocodile" toestraps. It's the perfect ride to lean against your elephant foot umbrella stand. Thank you, Watch Life With Curiosity. Perhaps a python u-lock to go with?

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