This Fixed-Gear Bike Is Super Cool And Won't Kill Your Entire Paycheck

Even YOU can afford this thing.

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Fixed-gear bikes have, in recent years, been known for being unreasonably overpriced. Sure, they are cool, but why does a brotha' have to fork over an entire paycheck?

Now, one California-based company is hoping to make them available to riders who aren't living off of Daddy's trust fund.

Started by a group of friends in Los Angeles, Solé Bicycle builds bikes for the super hip, often cash-strapped, fixed-gear crowd. The bikes are cool, come in a myriad of frame sizes and color combinations and can be shipped nationwide and to over 20 countries across the globe (and they have a flip-flop hub so they can be ridden free wheel or fixed).

The best part - and this is the kicker- is Solé's single-speed bikes start at a ridiculously low $379. That means you can buy a new bike and still have money left over for a bean burrito, new Manhattan Portage bag, and nose-bleed seats at a Vampire Weekend concert. Perfect.

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[via Sole Bicycles]

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