Ducati Daviel AMG Special Edition

Ducati Pairs with AMG For A Special Edition Motorcycle.


Ducati and AMG have joined forces to produce a new co-inspired motorcycle that's both aesthetically appeasing and a speed demon on the road. The Ducati Daviel AMG Special Edition bike is bringing in high scores in both the look and performance departments. Features include AMG's signature five-spoke wheels, a Testasretta 11 degree engine which is signed by the individual technician, matte black carbon-fiber body work, an AMG crafted sport exhaust system, aluminum trimmed carbon-fiber radiator grills and more. The two companies latest flaunting of their new partnership makes its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The price for this 2012 flagship model of the Daviel name is TBA at a later date. 

[Via Freshness]

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