Geno Smith Is the Newest Flat-Earth Truther

Geno Smith is the latest athlete to subscribe to the flat-Earth theory.

Geno Smith

Image via Getty/Lachlan Cunningham

Geno Smith

The new starting quarterback of #TeamFlatEarth is Geno Smith. On Feb. 24, the New York Giants backup quarterback went on a tweeting spree to announce he believes the Earth isn't spherical after all. He even gave the very necessary shoutout to the OG flat-earther athlete Kyrie Irving

Clearly, Smith got sucked into the deep depths of the internet reading blogs and watching conspiracy videos to shift his perspective. In an effort to keep his followers' third eyes open, Smith even likened round vs. flat Earth to believing in creationism vs. evolution (for the record, Smith doesn't believe in the theory of evolution).

After some denial, he finally officially declared himself a flat-earther to the masses.

If this all wasn't enough, he even posted a video of him on a boat claiming he was "getting to the bottom of this once and for all."

Sure, Kyrie has participated in his own shenanigans related to the flat Earth conspiracy, but he gets a slight pass since he breaks ankles and drops buckets on a regular basis. It's considerably more ludicrous coming from a backup quarterback on a team coming off a three-win season whose career has been less than stellar, to put it nicely. 

Whatever the reason may be that Smith decided to side with random bloggers with too much time on their hands in favor of scientific evidence and photographs is unknown, but seeing another athlete fall victim to flat-Earth truthers is always good for some jokes. Hopefully, Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson have some clapbacks prepared.

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