Mark Jackson Loses Knicks Commentary Job Over Old Drama With Assistant Coach

The drama went down while Jackson was coaching for the Golden State Warriors.

(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

Mark Jackson will not be on the commentary team for the New York Knicks this season as originally planned. 

According to the New York Post, Knicks management and team president Leon Rose pulled the plug on the move thanks to an old beef Jackson had with assistant coach Darren Erman. In 2014, Jackson, who was coaching the Golden State Warriors, suddenly fired Erman from his coaching staff, and ESPN later reported the assistant taped the 58-year-old and other players without their knowledge.

At the time, Jackson called Erman's actions inexcusable but was later fired as head coach of the Warriors. Following his departure, Jackson became a commentator for ESPN, but was released from the position last summer. MSG wanted the 1988 NBA Rookie of the Year to fill in for Walt "Clyde" Frazier whenever he was off. Now that he's out, Wally Szczerbiak will fill the position whenever Clyde is out. 

Things seemed ready to go up until this most recent decision. Rose had the final say in not allowing Jackson to ride on the team plane, hotel, or team bus. "We weren't able to work something out this season," an MSG Network spokesman told the Post in a statement. Jackson nor the Knicks have commented on the news.

The 1989 NBA All-Star and his agent went through all the bells and whistles to come to a decision on a deal with the Knicks before management stepped in. Jackson would have returned to the booth with his longtime ESPN commentator, Mike Breen. James Van Gundy would've also joined the fold, but no deal came through, and he went to consult for the Boston Celtics. 

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