Marcus Jordan Says He Wants Michael Jordan to Be Best Man When He Marries Larsa Pippen

MJ stated in June that he doesn't approve of his son's relationship with Larsa.

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Marcus Jordan has revealed he wants to keep up with family tradition and have his dad, Michael Jordan, be the best man at his wedding with Larsa Pippen.

During the couple's interview on Pablo Torre Finds Out, the NBA legend's second-oldest son said he wanted his dad to be the best man after he assumed the role at his wedding. MJ was also the best man at his oldest son Jeffrey's wedding, so Marcus claimed it was only right to keep tradition going.

Air Jordan serving as the best man at his son's wedding would be something social media could gush over, especially given the fact that Marcus' fianceé is the ex-wife of his dad's Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen. Jordan and Pippen won six NBA titles together.

"I was the best man at his wedding and the best man at my brother's wedding, and so obviously, we'll keep that tradition going is my thoughts on it," the younger Jordan said.

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Torre asked the couple if they would televise the event, with Jordan hinting that it's a possibility.

"Now that I've been on The Housewives of Miami, all the producers are inquiring around when's the wedding, are we going to film it on TV, so that's another thing that we're playing along with is whether or not we'll air it."

He continued, "We're very private people, the Jordans, and so if it was up to me, I think we would do multiple weddings, one private for our family and friends and then maybe there's one that's a little more public but I guess time will tell."

The world will be watching to see if Michael Jordan does show up as the best man at his son's wedding, especially when he said in June that he doesn't approve of their relationship. During Pippen and Jordan's Separation Anxiety podcast, the mother of four spoke about how MJ's comments hurt her and left her feeling "traumatized" and "embarrassed." 

Marcus felt his father's response was funny and chalked it up to him being intoxicated. However, Pippen didn't find any humor in it. 

"You thought it was funny," Pippen told Jordan on the episode. "I didn't think it was funny. There is nothing funny about it.… I kinda felt like it went everywhere, and I was kind of embarrassed."

She explained that the situation didn't sit right with her because the public felt she was lying when she said both the Jordan and Pippen families approved the relationship.

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