Glen Davis Defends Himself After Upsetting Fans Over Past as Adult Film Director

Davis also revealed that NBA players are "low-key porn stars."

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Former NBA player Glen "Big Baby" Davis may have shared too much information by revealing what he's been doing in retirement, and fans are letting him hear an earful.

On Monday, Davis went to his Instagram and revealed he used to direct pornographic movies after his NBA career. He shared a picture of himself at work to prove it while adding that he really liked filming adult movies. 

"That one time I used to shoot pornos," he said. "I really used to like that job!"

Some of Davis' followers weren't too happy with his post and went to his comment section to let him know he could've kept that in his drafts. 

"Bro ur my kids favorite player, he follows you," one person said. Another wrote, "Bro come on keep that shit private real talk." 

A third person added,"Kobe or Lebron would never 👎🏾."

Davis caught wind of all the commotion he caused with his fans and decided to defend himself and explain his intentions with the post. According to Davis, he was living an experience, and there are other basketball players who are "low-key pornstars" while reiterating he didn't perform with the actresses. 

"Listen, everybody got so mad about my porn," Davis said. "That was just an experience in my life and I just posted it. Right? As basketball players, we're kind of low-key porn stars. So, I just wanted to see, I didn't f*** those girls. I just was watching and admiring and getting good shots. C'mon bro. I love film, I love production and I wanted to try it out so I have that experience. I know how to shoot porn."

He also told the one fan who said he was his kid's favorite player, "Tell him after basketball life will change. He’s going to have to find a real job. This is me trying new things."

Glen Davis on his career as an adult film director.

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In November 2016, Davis told TMZ his basketball career was put on hold so that he could pursue other things in his life, including filming movies. However, Davis went on to play in various leagues, such as the ABA, the National Basketball League of Canada, and Ice Cube's Big 3 League.

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