Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade Reveal Jersey Dispute Killed Heat's Plan to Aquire CP3

Neither player wanted to relinquish the No. 3 jersey.

(Photo by Patrick Smith / Getty Images), (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

There's an alternate universe where Chris Paul, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade played together in South Beach for the Miami Heat. Unfortunately we live in this universe, where the deal fell through because CP3 and Wade couldn't decide who would get to wear the No. 3 jersey. 

On the latest episode of The Why with Dwyane Wade, the two reflected on the deal that almost landed Paul in Miami alongside Bron and Flash in the early 2010s. Everything was good to go, but neither of the men could give up wearing their signature No. 3 jersey.

"This is the conversation we're having. I'm like, 'That's my number.' He's like, 'Well, that's my number,'" recounted Wade before Paul replied, "What we going [for]? CP6? No, that ain't it."

Wade continued, "[Pat] Riley didn't pull the trigger because CP [Chris Paul] wasn't able to wear number 3 in Miami." 

According to Chris Paul, he and Wade had several conversations about how the team would run and other logistics, but they couldn't come to an agreement when it came to the jersey number.

“Messed the whole trade up because CP couldn’t wear No. 3 in Miami," Wade added.

If they had come to an agreement, NBA fans could've seen one of the greatest teams ever assembled. The "Big Three" in Miami with Bron, Wade, and Chris Bosh produced two NBA finals, four NBA Eastern Conference championships, and four Southeast division titles. 

Given his successful career in the league as a point guard, Paul would've been a huge asset to the Heat at the time. There's also a good chance he would've won an NBA title, something that he's still chasing to this day. Wade also asked Paul if he thinks his career would be complete without a championship title.

"Even though I think I’m going to win a championship before I’m done," he replied. "Yes, absolutely.”

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