Aaron Rodgers Recalls UFO Sighting Right Before 2005 NFL Draft

The four-time NFL MVP said the flying object looked like "a scene out of 'Independence Day.'"

(Photo by Mike Stobe / Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers has revealed he had an odd encounter with a UFO right before he was drafted in 2005. 

In the Hard Knocks season finale, the Super Bowl champion recalled a story where he saw an alien-like object with his former Cal teammate Steve Levy. According to Rodgers, he was at Levy’s house in New Jersey, and once he was getting ready to hit the hay, a sound in the distance caught his attention. 

The four-time NFL MVP went outside the home with Lacy and his brother to see what was going on, and what they stumbled upon wasn’t anything they’d ever seen. 

“Up in the clouds, we saw this tremendously large object moving in the sky. It was like a scene out of Independence Day when the ships are coming into the atmosphere and creating this explosion-type fire in the sky,” Rodgers said.

He continued, “We saw this incredibly large object and froze like anybody would. Eventually, it went out of sight and nobody said a word. We stood frozen, the three of us, on the front stoop of Steve’s house. About 30 seconds later, we heard the real recognizable sound of fighter jets…that seemed to be chasing this object. And again, we just stood there in disbelief for another few minutes.” 

Rodgers claimed that “nobody said a word,” and he, Levy, and his brother looked at each other in disbelief, asking, “Did we just see what we think we just saw?”

The three men couldn’t comprehend what happened as they tried to call it a night. Over the next couple of days, Rodgers and friends searched for news regarding the bizarre sighting, but nothing had been reported.

Rodgers added that the alarm had come from a nuclear power plant nine miles away from Steve Levy’s home. In the area, UFO sightings and more, including volcanoes and nuclear energy, have been documented.

“Steven and I – great friends, teammates, and also witnessed whatever the hell it was. I don’t know, but it was definitely flying, definitely a large object,” said Rodgers.

The 39-year-old is getting ready to begin his first season as quarterback for the New York Jets as the team’s 2023 NFL campaign kicks off on Sept. 11 against division rivals the Buffalo Bills in MetLife Stadium. 

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