Bubble Ball: The New, Ridiculous, Awesome Full-Contact Sport of New York City (Video)

We played Bubble Ball at NYC's Chelsea Piers, and found out that it's the most ridiculous "full-contact" sport right now.

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We recently headed to the Chelsea Piers on Manhattan's West Side to try Bubble Ball, the newest and silliest "full-contact" sport making waves here in New York City. It's pretty simple, in theory: two teams jump into giant inflatable bubbles and try to play a soccer match. However, in practice, we found out that it's (A) far more challenging than expected, because carrying 20 pounds of plastic around in 90 degree weather is no joke, and (B) actually playing soccer is besides the point. The real thrill came from crashing into each other as hard as possible, only to bounce to the ground in opposite directions.

All that being said, we did attempt to play a 4-on-4 game of Bubble Ball, with Complex News anchors Sean Evans and Emily Oberg leading their respective their own team. Who would win this battle for supremacy on the Bubble Ball field? Would anyone actually score? What happens when you put a Go-Pro inside the bubble? For all these answers and more, check the video above.

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