The Internet Reacts To Luka Doncic Yelling "Hell No" To Dillon Brooks After Missed Layup

The Dallas Mavericks went on to win the game against the Houston Rockets.

Tim Heitman / Getty Images

The Dillon Brooks saga may have entered Houston now, but the theatrics have remained the same.

During a play in the game between the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic was defending Brooks as the latter was going up for a layup.

After missing his shot attempt, Doncic can be heard yelling, "Hell no!" as he goes to reach for the rebound.

Once the replay made its way online, many took to social media to joke about the humorous moment.

On Twitter, one user compared Luka's reaction to when he was taunting Devin Booker during a previous game.

Twitter: @NYPunk

Someone else took a screenshot of the referee and claimed she was smiling because her parlay hit.

Twitter: @SieteCinco1

Another Twitter user noticed Doncic's reaction and said "everyone hates Dillon Brooks."

Twitter: @BetfredSports

Not everyone was sold on the Slovenian's reaction, however, as some pointed out that Doncic complained when Booker did something similar to him a year ago.

Twitter: @_anthonynash

An old Grizzlies fan even felt relieved that Brooks was no longer missing shots for his team.

Twitter: @Okitech623

Someone else even joked that Doncic hurt himself right after getting the board.

Twitter: @MrGivan

Later in the game, Dirk Nowitzki told Doncic to "Talk to him" after he sunk a tough shot on Brooks.

Twitter: @noahweber00

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