LaVar Ball on Whether LeBron James Would Beat Him: 'He Too Weak'

LaVar Ball has claimed (again) that the new L.A. Laker Lebron James has nothing on him if they went head-to-head in a one-on-one. Well, at least on Ball back in his heyday.

LaVar Ball has claimed (again) that Lebron James has nothing on him. Well, at least on Ball back in his heyday.

While chatting with Fanatics View, Ball said, "Me and Lebron one-on-one? He too weak. Back in my heyday, can't nobody hold me. 270? 255? ... I'll rip all of them up off their feet."

When he was questioned (in jest) if there was any video proof of his skills that can be found on YouTube, he said, "Don't need no video, it's all up here. You want to be me back in the heyday? I was a bad mama jama." He added, "One-on-one, I'll bet on myself all day."

At least he's confident.

Ball has been sounding off a lot on Lebron lately. He predicted that The King would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Everyone thought this was a crazy idea until it happened. Now that Lebron is teammates with Ball's son Lonzo Ball, he has had a lot more to say. Earlier in the month, he bragged to TMZ Sports"I called LeBron to L.A. I knew he was coming to L.A., man. Everything lined up for me. Didn't I tell y'all to call him L.A.-Bron?"

He also predicted many championships in the future for the Lakers. He said, "Some championships for the Lakers. I'm tellin' y'all. LeBron got a four-year deal, right? I hope he get four in a row. But if not, I guarantee two when all my boys is on the Lakers with him."

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