Reporter Asks Kyrie Irving About Kevin Love's Shooting: “How Much Fun to Sit Back and Watch That Guy Just Stroke It?” (Update)

Watch how Kyrie handles this pause-worthy moment.

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Kevin Love showed up for the Cavaliers in their 103-95 playoff victory over the Celtics last night. He was on the floor during the Cavs' key fourth quarter stretch, hitting four straight threes in a killer 14-2 run. For the first time since March 25, Love finished with over 20 points, dropping a cool 23 over the Celtics thanks to a 6 of 10 mark from three-point range. He showed up and played like the dynamic inside-outside "stretch 5" the Cavs need him to be.

After the game, Newsnet 5 Cleveland’s Mike Cairns excitedly asked Kyrie about Love's game: 

"How much fun to sit back and watch that guy just stroke it?"


Kyrie's pause was appropriate, and frankly, needed. When a question like that gets dropped on you in front of an entire television audience, you just gotta let the air dry out for a few seconds and have everyone involved acknowledge the gutter within their own mind. Then, and only then, can you proceed in a professional manner and pretend like you weren't just prompted to praise Kevin Love's strokes. 

UPDATE: Whoops, sorry guys. We messed up here. As Busted Coverage pointed out, the above video is actually from February 3, not last night's Cavaliers-Celtics game. Bad mistake. We promise to be more accurate in our coverage of sports-driven dick jokes from here on out. 

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