Pitt Basketball Recruit Takes Two Dates to the Prom Like He’s Lou Will

Lou Williams should be impressed with this kid.

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Damon Wilson Jr. must've been swinging from the rafters screaming "Louuuuuuuuuuu!" during prom. At least that's what everyone at Complex Sports hoped he did when the DJ inevitably dropped Drake's "6 Man," because Wilson had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here. Taking after Toronto Raptors guard Lou Williams—the NBA's only man to successfully and publicly hold court with TWO girlfriends at the same time—Wilson, an ESPN Top 100 basketball recruit set to join Pittsburgh in the fall, decided to bring TWO girls to prom at the same damn time. 


DAMN. Look at the man wear pantone blue XIs with a (matching!) tuxedo though. 

Despite having the overwhelming job of being Damon Wilson Jr., man with two prom dates, he's got his mind on next season. According to ESPN, he's primed to become a big-time ACC guard: "Wilson is a big guard that can make plays and run the team. His size and strength makes him a difficult match up for opposing guards. Wilson competes and plays with toughness. He has a bright future as a major college lead guard with continued development."

Go Damon. 

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