Canadian Sports Reporter Yells at Soccer Fans for Screaming "FHRITP" During Live Broadcast

"FHRITP" isn't funny anymore.

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Here at Complex Sports, we've covered the use of 2014's "FHRITP" IRL meme. Since Jameis Winston screamed the phrase in the middle of Florida State's campus last fall (probably the first sign that the meme was becoming old, unfunny, and tasteless), it's been especially ubiquitous throughout live presentations of sports. Royals and Giants fans dropped "FHRITP" bombs last fall, and CNN and ESPN had similar incidents on live-TV in recent months too. 

It's clear, however, that "FHRITP" is dumb and tired—it's offensive and annoying to many, including City News reporter Shauna Hunt, who was fucking fed up with sports fan vagabond​s interrupting her airtime for six seconds of crass live television "fame." There's nothing worse than an unfunny and unoriginal meme. (Female reporters hate it.) Watch her interview two fans who idiotically try and laugh through and explain away her concerns. 

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