Here's What It Would Look Like If Every Major Sports Team From One City Combined Their Logos

Fail or FTW?

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While they are few and far between, there are some people who actually root for all the major sports teams from only one city. We applaud the dedication because there will always be that one team, or even worse, two teams that will let you down. Take New York, for example. While the Giants are currently making their way to Super Bowl XLVI, those squads from the Big Apple rocking the blue and orange have been huge disappointments. But for those rare folk that actually rep their city through and through, what about a logo that combines all your favorite teams into one? Well, somebody was thinking that same thing and came out with these interpretations (click here for a larger view). Is there one you would actually rock? And more importantly, is there one that just looks like a huge clusterfuck? *cough New York cough

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