Usain Bolt Reveals Diet, Includes Beer and Trying to Bribe His Chef

Usain Bolt is on his own unique diet, which includes a beer or two and trying to pay off his chef.

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Usain Bolt is nearing the final lap of his career. With his sights set on hanging up the cleats in two years after the 2017 World Athletic Championships, Bolt is looking to break his 100m dash world record of 9.58 seconds, a mark he set in 2009 at Berlin. But, the 29-year-old isn't going to sacrifice all of his guilty pleasures in order to make that happen. 

In an interview with Runner's World, Usain talked about what it felt like to go through the final stage of his career and facing runners who have doped in the past. Then, there was a discussion about his current dieting regime. Prepare yourself because it's definitely not what you would expect.   

On dietary concessions to aging: "I haven’t had any KFC for about four months, which is killing me but it’s got to be done. I’ve tried my hardest to bribe my chef but my team have been clever and hired someone who not only is not bribeable, but who chases me round the house and makes sure I eat what he’s cooked and he lays out my vitamin pills and supplements in front of me so I can’t ‘forget’ to take them.

"I’ve backed off hard liquor too—rum and that stuff—but but I still drink Guinness, or a Heineken or two. A guy’s got to have something, right?"

Still drinking Guinness or Heineken here and there? Now this is a diet we would be onboard with. 

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