Watch These Two Drivers Survive an Insane Indy 500 Crash


Scott Dixon and Jay Howard were involved in a horrifying car crash at the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday that luckily resulted in both drivers coming away relatively unscathed.

After colliding with the outside wall as Howard made his turn, his right wheel appeared to get jammed at a 45-degree angle, causing his car to steer itself towards the middle of the course where it cut off Dixon's vehicle. Dixon's car went airborne, crashing into a fence and splitting in half.

Here's another video from the incident right as Dixon's car went flying in the air before the camera cut off. 

Dixon spoke with a Verizon pit reporter Katie Osborne after the incident, and casually referred to his insane ordeal as a "wild ride" where he simply felt as though he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His demeanor throughout the discussion was somewhat shocking considering what he just went through out on the course.    

However, in another post-race interview, Dixon was a bit more forthcoming, telling Yahoo Sports, "I little beaten up there, it was definitely a bit of a rough ride."

Takuma Sato went on to win the Indy 500 with a margin of victory was 0.2011 seconds. 

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