The 10 Signature Plays of Chris Paul's Career (Video)

Highlighting the best moments in CP3's career.


"No chance against the two-time defending champs!" "No supporting cast!" How about "No problem." With each great all-around performance after another, Chris Paul is proving that you don't need three big stars or even two to be a successful team in the NBA Playoffs. In CP3, the New Orleans Hornets have all they need and apparently, all the Los Angeles Lakers can handle in this first round series. With a pivotal Game 5 tonight at 10:30 ET, we take a trip down memory lane, and check out everything from the buzzer-beaters to the many victims of the crossover (RIP to his most recent casualty, Kobe's ankles) to the memorable performance in honor of his grandfather. Here are The Signature Plays of Chris Paul's Career.

Picking Fisher's Pocket

DATE: 4/24/2011
COMPLEX SAYS: There are many great players manning the point today, but what separates Paul from the rest of the pack is his ability to create steals at a frequent pace. In fact, he has led the league in steals three out of the six seasons he's played. Shout out to a guy that can continue scoring while still keeping the D up. No Viagra.  

Alley-Oop to Tyson Chandler

DATE: 1/4/2008
COMPLEX SAYS: With the game in the bag, and much of the Golden State crowd heading out, CP3 gave the remaining fans something to remember—a sweet alley-oop dish to Chandler. You see people, this is why you stay for the whole game—So you don't miss a once-in-a-lifetime play. Watching it in person > watching it on SportsCenter.  

Coast-to-Coast Finish to Beat N.C. State

DATE: 3/6/2005
COMPLEX SAYS: With Wake Forest, CP3 exhibited that clutch shot ability that has not escaped him till this day. Sidenote: If his successful years as a Demon Deacon were any indication of his potential at the next level, then somebody slept on dude. Hey Atlanta, don't you wish you had a solid point guard instead of Marvin Williams right now? #FAIL

Schooling Canada

DATE: 7/25/2008
COMPLEX SAYS: After winning an unacceptable bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics, the USA men's basketball team made a number of roster changes for the 2008 Games. One addition to the new and improved team was Chris Paul. In a preliminary game against Canada, the North Carolina native made sure that the Canadian team and everyone else knew that USA basketball was back! 

Jukes Anthony Carter (Plural)

DATE: 1/28/2008
COMPLEX SAYS: We gotta hand it to Anthony Carter for trying to defend the patented Chris Paul crossover. But c'mon son, after getting faked out for a second time, just give up and save whatever bench player dignity you have left. 

The Jordan-esque Finish

DATE: 5/8/2008
COMPLEX SAYS: We don't know what was nicer: the backspin he put on the ball to complete the "and 1" or the absolute fool he made Tony Parker look like on the play. CP3: punking Parker since 2008.   

Fast Break Through Terry...Literally

DATE: 3/5/2009
COMPLEX SAYS: Chris Paul is no stranger to embarrassing [insert favorite guard's name here]. In this case, Paul gets around Jason Terry by bouncing the rock between dude's legs. Damn Marv Albert, this may have been the only time you could've said that someone went "between the legs and to the hole" on air, and gotten away with it.   

Breaks Tony Parker's Ankles

DATE: 1/22/2011
COMPLEX SAYS: The 2011 edition of "Paul punking Parker" featured CP3 making TP look like he was playing on ice with that crossover. Don't feel bad for Tony, he broke up with Eva Longoria, so he's used to looking like an idiot.  

Game-Winning Buzzer-Beater

DATE: 1/19/2009
COMPLEX SAYS: With a couple seconds left on the clock, and the Hornets with the ball, who else do you expect to take the final shot? Seriously, why aren't all five Pacers plus the trainer guarding that guy?

Scores 61 in High School Game for his Grandfather

DATE: 2002
COMPLEX SAYS: Just days after his grandfather was murdered, Chris Paul got through his next high school basketball game with only one thing in mind: score one point for every year his grandfather was alive. While reaching 61 points would be difficult for anyone, Paul met his goal and created a moment that continues to live on.

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