Shannon Sharpe Slams Jaylen Brown for Jumping Over Kai Cenat in Dunk Contest: 'What Am I Supposed to Do With That?'

Mac McClung edged out the Boston Celtics star to capture his second straight NBA Slam Dunk Contest title.

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Shannon Sharpe was left unimpressed by Jaylen Brown's performance in this year's NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Sharpe was in disbelief over the Boston Celtics star receiving a collective score of 47.6 out of 50 for an attempt that involved him jumping over Kai Cenat as he sat in a chair. "They should have gave him a two ... across the board," he said at the 10:55 mark. "The man's already three-foot-tall. You put him in a chair, now he's 1'5" and Jaylen Brown dunked over him and he got 40-plus points."

The NFL Hall of Famer explained that current and previous dunk contests set a high mark, literally and figuratively, for a participant who wanted to use someone as a prop to jump over, citing Aaron Gordon leaping over a 7-foot-5 Tacko Fall in 2020 and Matt McClung earning 50s across the board for soaring over Shaq.

"Aaron Gordon jumped over Tacko Fall. Matt McClung jumped over Shaq. Jaylen Brown jumped over Kai Cenat in a seat," Sharpe said. "What am I supposed to do with that, Stephen A.?"

Sharpe later argued that Brown was not a good fit for the dunk contest in the first place since he's more of a power dunker and the competition is better suited for creativity.

Cenat watched Sharpe's criticisms during his stream, and reacted accordingly:

Dawg Kai reacted to unc Shannon sharpe talking about him on first take 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

— Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) (@shannonsharpeee) February 20, 2024
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Brown claimed after the dunk contest that he had to scrap certain planned dunks because the NBA's newly-introduced LED court was "a little slippery."

Jaylen Brown says the LED court was slippery:

"I wish I could have done what I planned to do in my head ... the message [still] got sent and I had fun when I was doing it. I can live with those results."

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