LaMelo Ball Has Committed to Playing Basketball for UCLA and He's Only 13 Years Old

With a name like LaMelo Ball, does it come as a shock that he's committing to playing basketball for a school at a young age.

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LaMelo Ball has committed to playing for UCLA, becoming the third member of the family to join the prestigious basketball program. However, unlike his brothers, Lonzo and LiAngelo, who announced their intentions of joining the Bruins during their respective sophomore years in high school, LaMelo committed to the school before playing in a high school game. Did we forget to mention that he's only 13 years old?

With a name like LaMelo Ball, does it really come as a shock that the kid can ball, like, I don't know, hmm, 'Melo? But, if you need some visual evidence of his skills out on the court, here you go. 

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While Lonzo will attend UCLA in 2016 and LiAngelo will join the following year, there is an extremely slim chance that the three brothers will be able to play college ball together. But, if they do, watch out! Because history has shown us that the opposing team may not stand a chance.

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