Key and Peele Gave Donation to Von Miller's Charity Following NFL Fine Over His Thrust Celebration

The McCringleberry move wins in the end.

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Earlier this month, Von Miller was slapped with a $11,567 fine by the NFL for what the league called "unsportsmanlike conduct." The "unsportsmanlike conduct" in question was a pelvic thrust celebration inspired by a Key & Peele sketch. 

Von Miller just got fined about what it cost us to make this sketch.

— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) October 2, 2015

While the two, maybe three, pumps led to a pretty hefty fine from the league, there was some actual good that came from the thrusts. 

Keegan and I gave Von Miller's awesome charity #Vonsvision the amount of his recent fine. You should too. Get kids glasses! #threepumprule

— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) October 16, 2015

Preciate u @KeeganMKey & @JordanPeele for showing love to #vonsvision Thrust fine = 450+ pairs of glasses for kids!!

— Von Miller (@VonMiller) October 16, 2015

Thank you Von! We felt bad that you got fined without even going for that third pump!👓

— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) October 16, 2015

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