Johnny Manziel Says Meeting Drake Was the Highlight of His Offseason

Is that your final answer?

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In an offseason that included nearly hanging with every top rapper in the game, chilling in Cabo for spring break and scoring free courtside tickets to a Clippers game, having Johnny Manziel choose one standout moment would be difficult. But, in a recent interview at "Rage" with Richie and Greggo on 105.3 The Fan, Manziel was asked about his coolest moment since winning the Heisman and it was actually not a difficult question. 

“Probably meeting Drake,” Manziel said. “I went to Toronto before I went to Cabo for spring break and got to hang out with him and all of his crew and kind of watch how the music was made. Just got a chance to get to know him a little better and get advice from someone who I really, really like their music.”

In addition, Manziel spoke on trying to stay humble after all the fame he's recently received, the fake Longhorns tattoo (“It was just kind of joking with a Longhorn on spring break in Cabo kind of like a dare”) and expectations for next season ("I have a target on my back, we have a target on our back. Obviously there’s going to be people trying to get under my skin, rattle me").      

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