Johnny Manziel Claps Back at Darren Rovell Over Tweet Implying He's Irrelevant

Johnny Manziel didn't take too kindly to Darren Rovell's comment about how his football career has turned out in comparison to its trajectory seven years ago.

Johnny Manziel warms up before a game against the Birmingham Iron.

Image via Getty/Wesley Hitt/AAF

Johnny Manziel warms up before a game against the Birmingham Iron.

Darren Rovell took a trip down memory lane, sharing a pair of Sports Illutrated covers from seven years ago today. One showed a 38-year-old Alex Rodriguez working toward a return to baseball from a hip injury that sidelined him for a majority of the season, while the other featured Johnny Manziel at the peak of his "Johnny Football" popularity at Texas A&M.

Rovell shared his perspective on how these two athletes' lives have turned out since then, and while he believes Rodriguez is now "as relevant as ever," his commentary about Manziel was brutally honest. 

Rovell's remark about Manziel achieving "a flash of relevance by flipping off a building into a pool" is in reference to a recent Instagram post where the former Browns quarterback pretended(?) to slip when attempting a backflip off a cliff. 

Manziel caught wind of Rovell's dig, and fired back. 

When someone asked if he had a comeback of his own for Manziel, Rovell took the high road.

Rovell also had a response to Clay Travis' reaction to Manziel's clap back. 

Since Rovell doesn't seem interested in engaging any further with Manziel, this disagreement appears to be over. 

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