Jusuf Nurkic Got His Ankles Obliterated by an Incredibly Basic Joe Johnson Crossover Dribble

Down goes Jusuf!

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Dear Denver Nuggets

Please advise Jusuf Nurkic to never guard a point guard with a handle during an NBA game. (See: Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, John Wall) If Nurkic cannot keep his ankles intact after one between-the-legs dribble by 34-year-old Joe Johnson, what will become of his limbs if he's forced to guard any of the aforementioned players? We're only looking out for the well-being of your young center. 

Concerned NBA fan

Sidebar: It was a pretty great night for Joe, who beat the Nuggets with a game-winning three.  

Joe Johnson with the winning buzzer beater! https://t.co/TFQ4tIO3ps

— NBA TV (@NBATV) February 9, 2016

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